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Heidi Montag Nose Job, did she have one and how are the results

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

heidi-montag-breast-implants This is a picture of Heidi Montag. Because I specialize in the face and neck plastic surgery and not the rest of the body. I will comment only on what I see in her face.  From the look of these pictures, it appears that Heidi has a change in her appearance from the left to the right.  Her nasal tip looks to be more refined with less of a bulbous appearance.  This is a common maneuver in Rhinoplasty.  The ideal size of the nasal tip should be about one iris width in dimension.  Anything bigger will attract more negative attention because it draws more attention to it than the iris.  When it is the same size as the iris, the nasal tip harmonizes with the iris and there is a connection between the nose and the eye.  When the nasal tip is smaller than an iris width, it attracts less attention and is less of a distraction but it harmonizes less with the iris and hence will be considered less beautiful.  Based on these photos, if she where to have had a rhinoplasty, I think the results have definitely improved her Facial Beauty!

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Donatella Versace and Plastic Surgery

Monday, July 6th, 2009


This is Donatella Versace.  She apparently had procedures to her lips, nose and chin.  If she were to have these procedures, I think she appears the way she does because she might have had too much augmentation to her lips for starters.  I think that her upper lips are too uniform from the central part to the lateral part of his lips.  Really lip augmentation to the upper lip should be centered at the central 1/4 to 1/3 and then the lateral part of the lips should have some augmentation but gradually lesser from the central part. Also the upper lips should only be 1/2 the size of her lower lips.  In her case her upper lips are too big laterally and this is interpreted as not looking normal.  The lower lips are also too big laterall and should really be more centralized in the center 2/3’s.  The pucker in her lip should really be about the width of the eye at most and should be concentrated more in the middle.  I think her nose has been flattened in some way as well.  Her nasal tip is larger than it was before.  The tip is around 1 1/2 to 2 iris widths and should really be one iris width in size to harmonize with the iris and eyes.

This can be treated and fixed if she wanted to.  Depending on what was put in her lips, you can sometimes inject enzymes to remove the filler in the lips.  If they are permanent fillers then parts of her lips can be altered to make them look more attractive through minor procedures.  After the lip filler wears off, you can then Lip Augmentation in a more pleasing way.  For the nose, she could have a Rhinoplasty to make her nose smaller through cartilage grafting.  This would really depend on whether the nose was appearing the way it did because of the extra skin which would be harder to fix.

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Kenny Rogers and his Plastic Surgery

Monday, July 6th, 2009


Here is a picture of Kenny Rogers. A lot of people think that he looks totally different and odd.  Kenny Rogers has apparently made comments that he is not happy with the work that was done.  I think the most significant part about his change in appearance is around his eyes.  His eyelift has been done in such a way that his crease is set too high for him.  With men you have to be careful in setting this crease too high. Prior to his surgery he had very low eyelid crease almost to the point of having asian looking eyes where their fold is low or not existent.  For men this fold should not be too high or they will have a feminizing look.  Ideally in women this fold should be about 1/2 an iris width high and in Kenny Rogers it is almost one iris width high which is too high in my opinion.  Also, he was supposed to have a facelift.  But I still see some neck banding which could be improved even more in this photo.

These things can be improved however.  His eyelid crease can be lowered through implanting some tissue above the crease and resetting the crease to a lower more masculine position.  His neck can be tightened a little more to help with the banding.  This would take some work but can be done so that he can look younger in a natural way!

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Michael Jackson was an amazing performer. Did he have plastic surgery to his face?

Monday, July 6th, 2009


Michael Jackson was a great performer and will be missed.  He was a part of everybody’s lives in one way or another and we will always remember him.  There has been much discussion in the past about his plastic surgery that he had done in his facial area.   During this sad time, I think its important to remember all the good things about Michael because he sure had a lot of them.  He brought a lot of things to people including myself. I really loved his music and he was always entertaining.

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Maria Geronazzo and her enlarged Lips

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

This is another person I found through the web. Her name is Maria Geronazzo.  She had lip augmentation.  One of the sites mentioned that it went bad.  This is obvious when you see her.  Our minds automatically know that it is out of the range of beautiful.  Our minds are more complicated than we can understand.  We actually don’t know why this looks on the bad side, we just do.  The reason for this is that we don’t have a good understanding of really what makes some beautiful or not.  Leonardo da Vinci’s theory on aesthestics in the face is still the dominant theory and it has been shown to be incorrect through many scientific papers recently.  I discovered the Circles of Prominence to explain facial beauty.  Based on my theory, her upper lips are too close to the size of her lower lips.  They are ideally one iris width wide and a 1/2 iris width high in the central portion with it gradually tapering off to the sides. The lower lip should be 3 iris widths wide and  1 iris width in heigth.  Specifically, I’m talking about the highlights that the lip volume produces, the actual light that is reflected to the viewer.  We now know why a particular lip is too big for many different Hollywood Stars out there after they get their lips done.  You can check out my website for more information on the Circles of Prominence theory.

Leslie Vogol

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

This is the mom of Hayden Panettierre. She seemed to have had some changes in her face.  It appears that she had some lip augmentation.  The good thing is that her upper lip is still smaller than her lower lip unlike what many Hollywood stars are getting done.  Her lower lips however maybe a tad too wide.  The highlight the puckering creates really should be about 3 iris widths wide and 1 iris width high.  The upper lip should only be around 1/2 an iris width high and the puckering in the upper lip should be concentrated at the central part of the lip and about an iris width wide.  Her nose also looks like she had something done and the bridge has been taken too far down specifically the middle part.  This creates a break in the highlight of the nasal bridge and decreases her beauty.  Also the whole nose is a little too narrow. The width of the nose should be about an iris width.  Knowledge of aesthetics is essential in getting a great result!