Botox after a browlift?

Browlifts can elevate the eyebrow and also can be used to treat the muscles so that they don’t work as well.  When the muscles don’t work as well, they are less likely to form wrinkles. It really depends on what indication you are using the Botox and where.  If its for wrinkles, you will still have them after a browlift but just less of them.

It also depends on where the wrinkles are located. If they are in between the eyes, then a browlift with muscle altering ancillary procedures can be incorporated to weaken the muscles in between your eyes and lessen the wrinkles from being recreated. If they are in your forehead then this is a little more difficult.

More recently, surgeons are leaving alone the muscle that lifts your brows. Doing so allows this muscle to elevate your brows and avoid the eyebrows from drooping into your eyes, which can give you a tired look.

Volumizing the forehead area can also help with improving the wrinkles.  It is like recreating the grape from a raisin.  Once the volume has been restored resurfacing can improve the area with the wrinkles that are still etched into the skin but has improved through the volumizing.  The YoungLift is a great way to volumize the face and forehead area to decrease wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance.

Consulting a board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon would be something that I would highly recommend. We specialize in the face and neck so we are ideally suited to help you in this area.

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