Erbium laser on silicone injected skin and is it safe

There are studies out there that the use of lasers and other Facial Fillers are safe. Although silicone injections are not prevalent in the US, this same principle applies. The lasers and Intense pulse light do not penetrate deep enough to effect the fillers including silicone fillers. Silicone fillers are also more resilient than other dermal fillers such as restylane, juvederm, etc. In general, with silicone injections it is hard to predict what will happen with any procedures done in this area of silicone injections.  Any increased inflammation could lead to a foreign body reaction and possible rejection of the silicone and hence problems with this.

Consulting a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon would be something that I would recommend. We specialize in the face and are highly qualified to help you with this.

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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