Extra skin between the eyes and solutions to it

This extra skin is a consequence of reductive type of surgeries. When you age, you lose volume and this contributes to the extra skin. Upper eyelifts / blepharoplasties take away skin and that usually leaves skin elsewhere. It won’t end. A better way to rejuvenate the upper eyelids is to volumize the whole area. This will require fat grafting and on occassion facial implants.

The extra skin between your eyebrows is a normal part of aging that can be accentuated with reductive type of procedures. This area may need to be filled in to plump up the deflated state. This will fill in some of the wrinkles and excess. There are doctors out there that can think outside of the box to give people a more younger and natural appearance.

Fat injections are another fantastic way to fill in loss volume.  The YoungVitalizer is my technique of volumizing the face using a persons own tissues to volumize the face.  This amazing technique can be used between the brows as well.  I incorporate my internationally acclaimed theory on facial beauty with the YoungVitalizer to get the best and more natural results.

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