Fat injections into the nasal and nose area

Fat can be injected in the nose. Because the nose is at the center of your face the margin of error is very small. You should definitely consider going to someone who has a lot of experience doing this type of procedure.

Fat Transfer have an immense variability in terms of the results that you can get from it. There are many steps that go into fat injections that can insure that you have reliable fat survival. This reliability is essential to knowing whether the fat will survive in the areas that you implant it. If some survive and some fat cells don’t, the possibility of having variable results is possible. But there are always remedies. It is better to be on the conservative side so that you don’t inject too much. It is always easier to put more fat in than to take too much fat out.

One thing that is important to realize is that injections around the nose can be more dangerous than other areas. There are larger veins in this area, and also, the veins here don’t have valves and can serve to allow fat to travel backwards into deeper structures. This can lead to significant complications. You have to be aware of the literature to know how to prevent these things from happening but there is always the chance of things happening with anything that you do.

I refined an amazing volumizing procedure called “the YoungLift”.  This is an innovative technique that volumizes your face to bring out the younger and natural you without looking like you had something done.  This is not a facelift and requires no incisions.  Only pinpoint puncture sites are used and these heal imperceptibly.  The YoungLift can be done without general anesthesia and without drains, and large bandages.  You also have a lot less downtime and discomfort compared with traditional facelift procedures.  Dr Young employs the very best techniques from around the world into one volumizing procedure and he uses his internationally acclaimed understanding of facial beauty to create the youthful volume you once had.

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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