Improving the wrinkles on your Forehead

Getting rid of  forehead wrinkles can be challenging. There are many options. Botox can prevent your muscles from working and can prevent the wrinkles from getting deeper and in the long run can decrease the appearance of the wrinkles.

A forehead / browlift can pull up your brows so that you don’t have to raise them yourself to increase your visual space and this can eleviate some wrinkles as well. The wrinkles in between your eyes can be improved with botox and as well as manipulating the nerve that makes them work. This second procedure can be done through an incision in your eyelid crease and can last much longer than Botox.

Also, various approaches through a brow lift / forehead lift can take away the muscles that work in between your eyes and weaken them so they don’t keep producing wrinkles there. The prolem with taking away muscles is that it can cause a depression there that already exists from losing volume naturally there through aging.  This increased loss of volume can sometimes make your appear more aged in some instances.

One way to also improve the wrinkles in the forehead area is to consider volumizing the area. What this does is create a space that used to be there when you were younger that exists between your muscles and the skin. This puts the muscles further away from the skin and hence less action to create the wrinkles. Volumizing is a very natural way to improve the wrinkles in your forehead.  Volumizing can be done through fat injections.  I developed a new way of volumizing the face by using a person’s own tissue that called the YoungLift.  This is an amazing procedure that I also incorporate my new theory on facial aesthetics to get thebest and most natural results.

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