Is there a non surgical facelift that works?

There are different options to rejuvenating a person’s face. You don’t necessarily have to undergo a major null with long incisions to make yourself look better.

A great option is facialFat Transfer.  When people age, they lose volume in the face and this contributes to the facial skin drooping and the wrinkles to form.  It has been the practice of surgeons to cut away skin that appears to be excessive to what it used to be.  This approach is not always the best way to make a person look younger. Sometimes the extra skin is the result of the face losing volume and the skin sags and droops due to this process.  It is analogous to a grape losing volume when it turns into a raisin.

Traditionally, surgeons have practiced reductive procedures, meaning they reduced what is left. This can make a person look better but oftentimes the person doesn’t necessarily look younger.  A person will look like a more shapely raisin instead of a younger and healthy looking grape.

Fat injections can restore this volume and help you look younger in a natural way and it can be done with no incisions.  Most all of the time, all that is needed are very tiny puncture holes for the special instruments used to restore volume into the face.  Other ways to bring youth to your face without surgery include a resurfacing procedure to remove wrinkles, fillers to fill in volume in a piecemeal way over time, etc.

I refined an amazing volumizing procedure called “the YoungLift”.  This is an innovative technique that volumizes your face to bring out the younger and natural you without looking like you had something done.  This is not a facelift and requires no incisions.  Only pinpoint puncture sites are used and these heal imperceptibly.  The YoungLift can be done without general anesthesia and without drains, and large bandages.  You also have a lot less downtime and discomfort compared with traditional facelift procedures.  Dr Young employs the very best techniques from around the world into one volumizing procedure and he uses his internationally acclaimed understanding of facial beauty to create the youthful volume you once had.

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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