Platelet rich plasma, centrifuge topics in fat injections

I think that you doctor is right to some degree regarding platelet rich plasma and centrifuging the fat. Fat can be something that can improve scars. Although I think depressed scars are a little harder to correct with fat grafting. Fillers were suggested by another doctor but you better be ready to continue to pay for additional filler every year or less to keep the condition corrected.

Platelet rich plasma will only introduce more inflammation to your Fat Transfer and will ultimately lead to less survival in my opinion and in agreement with your doctor. Centrifuging can lead to more fat cell death, but you have to isolate the viable fat cells some way. If you don’t centrifuge the fat, you will have a lot of inflammatory components in the harvest that will affect your fat’s survival. So, you do need to somehow isolate the cells that are most likely to survive.

Waiting for the fat to settle is another approach but the time it takes to do this can be a detriment as well because the longer the fat stays out of the body, the more the fat will not survive.

I believe that centrifuging at a slow rate is probably the best median between the two. This has also been proven in studies on centrifuging fat and fat’s ultimate survival. The usual standard is at an rpm of 3000 for 5 min. This has proven to be too fast and can affect the fat cell’s survival. I typically centrifuge at the lowest speeds and do it for 3 mins max.

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