Recovery from botox and other fillers like restylane, juvederm, radiesse, perlane, etc.

There are many factors that will determine and affect your recovery from dermal fillers or botox / Dysport.

Generally, Botox is much less involved and typically you will have small mosquitoe bites for about an hour. Bruising is less common with botox as opposed to dermal fillers. Facial Fillersrequire even distribution for even, smooth results. And if you are to do that you need to layer the filler every where in the area that you are augmenting many times. This usually means that you need to go in and out with the needle multiple times.

Each time you do this you increase your chance of disrupting a blood vessel. Bruising in my experience is more common in the eye region. This is because of the thin skin in this area and the greater vascularity that is located here. Avoiding blood thinners is really important and icing can really help.

Your age and genetics play a factor as well. As you age, your blood vessels are more fragile and your clotting can also be less robust. Genetically, you might be more prone to bleeding as well. Ice and local anesthesia are things that can help along with judicious use of pressure in certain areas.

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