Red lines after a facelift and options

This is a question I answered regarding a procedure done by another physician.

Red lines along the incision line is a normal process that happens after a procedure that creates an incision like a null. The incision is the area that is exposed to the environment the most and ultimately is the area that undergoes the most inflammation. This obviously will lead to more of a reaction that creates more blood supply that leads to the redness in the area. There are many ways to improve this.

After the incisions heal, any silicone gel based scar gel can be used on these incisions to improve the appearance of the scar. If the incision is particularly red, one can consider a topical steroid to help with the inflammation that is creating the redness.

Another option that might be more forward thinking would be to employ lasers and IPL along the incision to decrease the vascularity although you have to go to someone with experience with this. The redness will eventually go away and makeup can usually be applied after the first 2 weeks.

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