Sharp Edges in the front of the ear after otoplasty / ear pinning

This is a question that I answered for someone who had a procedure by another physician.

Otoplasty can lead to the sharp cartilages on your antihelix  and can be due to a number of things. When you create the antihelix with sutures in otoplasty / ear reshaping for protruding ears / prominent ears you can alter the way the sutures are placed so that they make the antihelix broader or thinner.

When they are made thinner by putting the sutures closer together, they have a tendency to make the antihelix sharper and there is a point that they can bend and create sharp angles. Also, some techniques entail cutting the cartilage which can also lead to sharp angles and obvious shapes on the antihelix which I try to avoid. The nodules could be due to the sutures creating a reaction or if the sutures were to close to the skin they can create cysts.

These cysts sometimes need to be unroofed and expressed. Your revision will entail more effort to treat. You will likely need to harvest some of the cartilage within your ear to reshape the sharp angles through cartilage grafting.

This procedure can be done by Dr Philip Young MD at our office in Bellevue which is near Seattle, Washington.

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