This is a post regarding asymmetry after otoplasty / ear reshaping / ear pinning

This is a question that I answered for someone who had a procedure by another physician.

If one ear is pinned back to far you can revise it to make it so it matches with the other side. In terms of the approach to reverse this it would depend on how the pinning was done. If the pinning was largely due to curling of the antihelix then you may need to release the curl and the scarring that is maintaining that will need to be released.

Additional sutures may be needed to recreate or set the curl to the desired amount. If the excessive pinning is due to the conchal setback then you may need to release the setback suture and possibly add some tissue to give it some support in the more lateral position.

If the setback is due to cartilage excision, you may need some cartilage grafts to reconstruct the concha in the more lateral position that is more desirable. Some of the tissue that could be needed is cartilage that can be used to lift the ear at its base to help lateralize the ear. This is a technique that is used in microtia or ears that are severly malformed.

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