Uneven Ears after otoplasty / ear pinning / ear reshaping

This was addressed to a question for a person who had otoplasty by another surgeon who had one ear more pinned down as opposed to the other treated ear.

The side of the ear with a more pinned down appearance can be treated if needed.  One thing to realize is that the top of your ear is likely to lateralize or shift away from your head with time. But having symmetric ears to begin with after your procedure is an important first step. You may want to ask your surgeon if you haven’t already about his plan to help you through this asymmetry.  Sometimes swelling on one side more than the other is the cause and it will go down and even out after time.  Your Surgeon will know best about what is going on.

Sometimes, it can be due to how you sleep and temporary curling of your ear cartilage right after your procedure can be the culprit and this can last for a while. Your surgeon will know the best. If you do need correction of this, a revision can do this with some effort. It will depend on where the asymmetry is located. If is because your ear is setback to far, you may need some tissue opposed between your ear and your skull.

If it’s due to the top portion of the ear being too curled this can be released and resutured to treat the asymmetry. Healing takes time. Numbness can be present for 6 months to a year after a procedure. The nerves grow a millimeter a day in the best  of conditions and will take time to reach the numb areas. You typically gain 60% of your wound strength at 6 weeks and 80% at 6 months. This is a good way to gauge how your healing is taking place.

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