Donatella Versace and Plastic Surgery


This is Donatella Versace.  She apparently had procedures to her lips, nose and chin.  If she were to have these procedures, I think she appears the way she does because she might have had too much augmentation to her lips for starters.  I think that her upper lips are too uniform from the central part to the lateral part of his lips.  Really lip augmentation to the upper lip should be centered at the central 1/4 to 1/3 and then the lateral part of the lips should have some augmentation but gradually lesser from the central part. Also the upper lips should only be 1/2 the size of her lower lips.  In her case her upper lips are too big laterally and this is interpreted as not looking normal.  The lower lips are also too big laterall and should really be more centralized in the center 2/3’s.  The pucker in her lip should really be about the width of the eye at most and should be concentrated more in the middle.  I think her nose has been flattened in some way as well.  Her nasal tip is larger than it was before.  The tip is around 1 1/2 to 2 iris widths and should really be one iris width in size to harmonize with the iris and eyes.

This can be treated and fixed if she wanted to.  Depending on what was put in her lips, you can sometimes inject enzymes to remove the filler in the lips.  If they are permanent fillers then parts of her lips can be altered to make them look more attractive through minor procedures.  After the lip filler wears off, you can then Lip Augmentation in a more pleasing way.  For the nose, she could have a Rhinoplasty to make her nose smaller through cartilage grafting.  This would really depend on whether the nose was appearing the way it did because of the extra skin which would be harder to fix.

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