How much does lip augmentation cost?

Lip augmentation can be approached in a number of different ways and the costs vary. A lip lift entails an incision under your nose to lift the lips higher. The average for this ranges between 1k-2.5k give or take 1k.

Plumping up your lips with restylane usually entails 1-2 syringes, which ranges between 500-1000 give or take 100-200 dollars. Fat injections in the lips depends on how much you do but typically can range between 2-3k but lasts a lot longer than restylane and can achieve results that lasts 10 years or more depending on your health, genetics, how you care for it, etc.

Lip advancements are priced like lip lifts for most doctors. This entails making incisions in your mouth and advancing some of the lip in certain areas to plump up the lips to fit your desires. But all this depends on what region you are in and the personal pricing of the physician you see.

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