Looking for a non surgical way to make the double chin go away or improve it

There are many options such as losing weight. This can reduce the fatty deposits in your neck. However, depending on someone’s age, some of the double chin can be due to the muscles relaxing.

You have a neck muscle called the platysma that covers your neck from your chest to your face. This muscle during youth is tightly adherent to the underlying neck structures. When you age, the muscle eventually comes away from the neck’s deeper structures, contributing to the neck laxity and double chin appearance.

The main way to improve this is to do a null along with a lower facelift. Liposuction is a very minimally invasive technique to slim down the neck and tighten the skin as well. But sometimes, the results you get with liposuction is limited, and more advanced techniques are needed to make your neck more shapely.

Augmentation of your chin can help create a greater disparity between your face, chin and neck region. Facial Implants can help improve the angles of your chin with your neck. Other options that are less invasive include volumizing your lower face. This can have a tremendous impact on pulling the loose tissues up towards the area under your chin and also create more of a covering effect for the contents below your jawline.

The other way of improving this laxity is to use lasers to tighten the skin.  Laser Resurfacingombined can have significant tightening effects.  This can be done without making incisions and with lower downtime compared with traditional co2 laser resurfacing procedures.

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