Making your skin look great without surgery and the options

All of these options can help you maintain your skin without surgery.

Fillers: when you age you lose volume and replacing this volume can do wonders to fill in the facial contours.  This can get rid of general wrinkles and highlight the face in ways to bring youth to the face.  Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane are hyaluronic acids and last from 6 months to a year or more.  Radiesse is made out of bone and is very compatible and will last about a year.  Artefiill is polymethametacrylate microspheres and is a permanent filler that is FDA approved for the nasolabial folds and can basically last permanently.

Resurfacing: is a way to remove wrinkles, make pores smaller, take away unwanted pigmentation and tighten the skin.  Chemical Peels, co2 laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, aggressive microdermabrasion, fractionated lasers can all do this to some degree.  They can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and schedule.  This is the only way to really improve the etched in wrinkles on the surface aspect while fillers can help do this from a deeper level.  Fillers however will not change the surface charateristics as much as resurfacing modes can.

Retin A: can reverse skin damage, decrease your chances of skin cancer, improve fine wrinkles, decrease unwanted pigmentation in mild to moderate degrees.  This is a topical medication and is available through prescription only.  Retin A can also help with Acne as well.  It is also used to prepare the skin for laser resurfacing.

IPL: Intense Pulse Light is light that is concentrated and filtered to allow a selected range of light to target pigements, brown spots, and vessels and the red spots they create.  There is essentially no downtime with this treatment.  It can also tighten your skin to a small degree.  The reduction of the spots can really make your skin look clear and younger

Botox/Dysport: makes the muscles in your face weak whereever its injected. When the muscles are weak they can’t make wrinkles with the expressions.  Botox can be injected in a directed manner to reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

Skin care is vital. Your skin protects your face and allows it to look the way it does.  When you wash your face with harsh chemicals or expose it to the environment in a extreme way it will react with redness and hyperpigmentation.  Washing with a gentle cleanser and only once a day max will help.  Tanning is a no no and you should always wear sunscreen and apply it all the time.  Staying out of the sun is also important.

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