Radiesse injections to the nasal bridge and how long to wait before rhinoplasty

If the augmentation is lost, I think it would be okay to consider Rhinoplasty. Facial Fillersis made up of 30% hydroxyapatite and 70% of the carrier. Much of the carrier dissipates over the course of the year.  It might be prudent to wait. But if you think the results are essentially back to normal you could consider rhinoplasty and an implant to raise your nasal bridge. What is left in your nose is likely the hydroxyapatite and this could stay in your nose for years. Biopsies of the bladder have shown it to be there for 5 years.  Hence if most of the augmentation is gone you could do the rhinoplasty earlier than the full year that it is expected to give you results.  If you really wanted to be safe you could wait for the full year to pass.


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