Restylane migrating to the bridge of the nose after injecting into the glabellar area

This is a question that I answered for a patient who had restlylane injections by another doctor in the glabellar area:

It may be possible that the injection was placed over the area that you are concerned about. In my experience, with local anesthesia and swelling sometimes the landmarks that you have when it wasn’t swollen can be altered and you can get confused where you are injecting.

That is why I make it a guideline for myself to make accurate markings prior to any local anesthesia that can distort the area when I actually do the injections. Don’t worry though you can inject an enzyme that can make the bump go away if you want and these injections are really not as involved as the original injection of restylane. Things can be done for this!

In terms of migration, I think that it is less likely that it migrated. From the literature, this is not very likely to happen.  I think that the above explanation might be the answer.  Don’t worry if it is the restylane that migrated, this can be taken out if you would like.

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