Swelling 7 months after rhinoplasty and what is going on with that after a procedure done by another surgeon.

This is a question that I answered for another patient who had rhinoplasty surgery somewhere else.

Your skin has memory of its own especially if it has had previous surgery. The scar tissue from previous work can cause the skin to take on its own shape. But ultimately the cartilage that you have in there will dictate how the final shape will be. The work your surgeon does with the cartilage is the most important and your surgeon will know best how that will determine the ultimate appearance.

Swelling can take months and up to a year for the results to show more clearly.  It is not out of the ordinary that you will continue to have changes up to two years after your procedure. Steroids after the surgery can help with swelling as well as bleeding precautions. Taping of the nose can have an impact as well and your own care of the procedure afterward Rhinoplasty can be very important.

Eventually the skin will shrink down to the cartilage level and will take on the shape of the cartilage structure that was created!

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