What is the best method of injecting radiesse, nerve blocks, ice, etc?

There are many methods of injecting radiesse so that it is not as painful.  Nerve blocks are the best way to make parts of the face numb. You can numb almost the whole face by injecting a few small areas that affect large nerves that control the sensation to large areas.  Local anesthesia can then augment the numbness.  You can also add lidocaine into the Radiesse.  2% lidocaine is the best to use with the radiesse.  Topicals can also help out to insure that the area will not have any pain during the injection.  This can help when the regional blocks do not make the complete area numb.  Ice is another way to help make the injections less painful.  They are also helpful when you do the initial regional blocks to lessen the needle pain when these regional blocks are done.  Radiesse injections can be painful without anesthesia so all of these techniques can augment this experience. A dental block may not be the only thing you need.  There are other blocks you can do to the face to make almost the whole face numb.

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