What to do about a bad result after a rhinoplasty?

This is a question that I answered for someone who had aRhinoplasty done by another surgeon:

A bad nose job really depends on how long ago it was done.  Right after surgery, your nose usually doesn’t look very good. The swelling and the bruising usually distorts the area so that it really won’t look like it should for weeks to months.  This especially occurs in the tip area. Sometimes, after your rhinoplasty, results that are not going to turn out as promising can be determined.  Usually they are very obvious things like a deviated nose still appearing deviated after the procedure.  Or the bump over your nasal bridge is obviously still apparent.  One thing to know is that the tip area takes the most time to refine itself.  The swelling in this area takes patience for it to go down.  Your doctor will consider steroid injections and oral steroids to help this in some cases but using steroids can be a risky thing to do especially if it is not injected deep enough.

Don’t worry though. There are a lot of great surgeons out there that can improve almost any situation in the nose from a prior rhinoplasty.  It might take some work but there are options to improve the situation.

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