When should you consider reinjecting juvederm in the lips?

2 weeks is the most common time to do this and this is the time point that you should consider reinjecting juvederm in the Lip Augmentation. Sometimes if there is significant oozing and bruising during the procedure, the swelling may persist for greater than 2 weeks. So waiting a full month is another more conservative option in this setting. Generally 2 weeks is when I have patients come back to have either more filler injected or to have some of it taken out if there is augmentation that is not as desirable to get as perfect results that you can possibly get. Ultimately you should not notice any changes for about a week and know that the augmentation is stable before considering reinjected and this occurs usually about 2 weeks to a month.

Knowing the correct aesthetics makes a huge difference in the lips. The lips should really be the shape of the ideal eye in the reverse manner and the lower lips should match the eye the most. The upper lip should only by at most 1/2 an iris width high and 1 iris width wide. Although mathematical, the presentation to the person is very beautiful to the viewer.

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