Will an Asian Surgeon be better suited to treat the Asian Client?

Race doesn’t necessarily matter but you want someone that understands the Asian Patient and the nuances that this patient presents.  Knowledge of what Asian patients desire and the ability to communicate with them is the challenge.  Many Asian patients today desire to maintain their ethnicity with Asian Blepharoplasty.  This should mean something to the Surgeon doing the procedure and how to do this surgically is very important.  I see many Asian patients that go to Asia to get plastic surgery and they at times come back disappointed.  Hence going to an Asian doctor is not necessarily a cure all.  You have to go to a doctor that has the repertoire of skills that can treat all conditions that Asians present.  Some questions that will need to be answered when discussing Asian blepharoplasty include how high they want the fold, whether the fold should be inside or outside the epicanthus, whether the fold laterally should be parallel or ride higher, whether the epicanthal fold will be dealt with, etc.  Here is video on Asian Blepharoplasty and Medial epicanthoplasty.

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