Asian double eyelid surgery and maintaining the Asian appearance as opposed to westernizing the Asian Eyelid

When considering surgery for the Asian Plastic Surgery, there is a significant difference between an eyelift that maintains a person’s Asian appearance and one that changes the eyelid to look like a westerner or caucasian eyelid.  For an null you want to make the double eyelid crease no more than 3mm high when the eyes are open (The crease is surgically set from 6-10mm), you want to keep the mild puffiness that characterizes this ethnicity, you want to avoid taking out too much fat in the Asian eye.  For a westernized eye, the crease is surgically set higher (set at 8-10mm), more fat is removed, and there is a lesser degree of an epicanthal fold (the extra skin that covers the middle part of the eye).  Knowing where to place the crease, how much skin to remove, how much fat to remove, how to design the incision, making sure things are symmetric, how to place the crease forming sutures, etc all play a vital part.  Finding a surgeon that pays attention to all of these details is very important for an excellent result.

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