Can a forehead augmentation be done after a brow lift?

Forehead augmentation can be done but can affect the results of previous browlifts. You can augment the forehead with silicone after a browlift.  One of the issues is that the augmentation will affect what was done with the previous browlift and you will sometimes need to refix the brows and allow them to fixate in the newer position.  Browlifts depend on the fixation of the bone to the bone covering and the soft tissue that covers the forehead.  When you dissect to implant something into the forehead it will break that bond.  Also with the implant fixating the brows to a new position will present some challenges as well depending on where the implant is placed.  Implants placed in the forehead can establish needed volume that is lossed with aging.  Most of the time, however, forehead augmentation is used to fill in defects from trauma and for reconstructive purposes. Also depending on what implant is used and the size you may need longer incisions such as a variation of the coronal incision that goes from ear to ear.  Not all of this incision is needed most of the time.  In terms of augmentation, you can use silicone sheets / blocks, Facial Fillers or fat augmentation.  Silicone and fat are the options that offer more of a longer lasting results with silicone being more permanent than fat.  Fat injections, however, can be done with no incisions most of the time with less downtime associated with long incisions. Augmenting the forehead can potentially help with wrinkles in the forehead, eyebrow drooping, extra eyelid skin and temple hollowing depending on how and where the augmentation is done.

I refined an amazing volumizing procedure called “the YoungLift”.  This is an innovative technique that volumizes your face to bring out the younger and natural you without looking like you had something done.  This is not a facelift and requires no incisions.  Only pinpoint puncture sites are used and these heal imperceptibly.  The YoungLift can be done without general anesthesia and without drains, and large bandages.  You also have a lot less downtime and discomfort compared with traditional facelift procedures.  Dr Young employs the very best techniques from around the world into one volumizing procedure and he uses his internationally acclaimed understanding of facial beauty to create the youthful volume you once had.

Dr Young is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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