Chin reshaping through implants or reduction can change your appearance dramatically for the better

Chin Implant Reshaping/ chin shaping / chin implants / chin augmentation can have a significant impact on the way you look.  There are inter relationships between your chin, your face, and your nose.  Through my theories and studies on facial beauty, the end of your chin and the distance from this point to the center of the lower lip should be about the same distance from your lower lip to your nasal tip.  It should also be the same distance from your nasal tip to the level of the center of your eyes.  All of these distances are ideally equal to the distance from the center of your iris to the middle of your face.  I have found that distance to be ideally 3 iris widths in length.  At the bottom of the chin, the width that it conveys to a person should really be at most 3 iris widths.  But the highlights around the mouth area should be an area that is 3 iris widths radius centered at the lower lip.  This circular area should touch the nasal tip, the lower chin and the nasolabial folds.

On a less techinical side, a chin implant can be placed to make your nose look less prominent.  Prior to having a chin implant, your nose may appear that you would need to make it smaller through a rhinoplasty. But  after a chin implant, you would likely need to do much less reduction and may not even need to reduce the nose in anyway.  This same principle applies to different parts of the nose such as the nasal tip, nasal bridge and whole side profile of the nose.

How would you know whether you need a chin implant.  If you take a picture of a side view of your face, you can determine whether your chin is small or large.  This picture should be taken with the inferior eye bone ridge level with the top of the ear canal.  This is called the frankfort horizontal.  A line drawn through the anterior part of the lower lip, perpendicular to this horizontal plane, the chin should be 1-2 mm behind this line.  If it is more posterior a chin implant could help. If it is more a chin reduction procedure could help. Here is a video on chin reduction for you to see.

Another method is by drawing a line from the half way point from the deepest part of your nasal bridge between your eyes to the nasal tip.  From this halfway point through the anterior upper and lower lips, your chin should be about 3-4mm behind this line. If is posterior to this a chin implant could improve the profile. If it is anterior, a chin reduction could help.

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