The short scar facelift is limited in the extent of the incision and amount of dissection

There are many different variations of a short scar face lift (mini lift / S lift / Weekend face lift / Lunch time face lift / Lunch Hour Face Lift / short incision face lift). This approach differs from traditional face lifting approaches by the limits in the length of the incision, the depth of incision, the amount of dissection, and extent of improvement.  It really depends on who you go to.  There are ways to limit the length of skin incision and still achieve amazing results through tissue distribution.  Many surgeons out there are making the short scar facelift more a “short cut” face lift where corners are cut and the results are essentially much less satisfactory.  However, there are some very knowledgeable surgeons out there that can use a short scar and do amazing things.  Short scar facelifts usually entail also superficial dissection to avoid exposing facial nerves and is deemed safer by many.

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