Ashley Simpson’s Plastic Surgery of her nose

ashlee_simpson_plastic_surgeryashlee_simpson_plastic_surgery1 I just wanted to comment on Ashlee Simpson’s possible Rhinoplasty (nose job / plastic surgery of the nose / nose plastic surgery / nose cosmetic surgery / rino plasty).  In the before pictures she had a significant prominence on her nasal bridge area and after pictures show that it is markedly lower and her tip appears refined as well.  From a facial plastic surgery perspective, this is called lowering the dorsal hump, and tip rhinoplasty.  I’m not totally sure if she had a rhinoplasty but her pictures seem to suggest so. The way surgeons do this is by using these medical grade metal files that take down the dorsal hump of the nasal bridge incrementally.  With a surgical knife the cartilage that is contributing to the hump is also incrementally lowered.  The tip is usually refined by taking away the top parts of the cartilages that are contributing to the bulbous portion of the nasal tip.  Sutures are then used to refine the nasal tip by narrowing the tip together.  Many surgeons do this through an open rhinoplasty where they make an incision under the nose through a 3mm incision.  Some surgeons market the closed approach where they do the rhinoplasty through incisions inside the nostril.  I prefer to do rhinoplasties in an open fashion because I believe you get more accurate results and you cut down on revisions and touchups.  I’ve heard that Dr Raj Kanodia did her nose job. I’ve visited him in surgery before and he prefers to do surgery through a closed approach.

Bottom line, I think Ashley looks super after her possible rhinoplasty.  If you have any questions on rhinoplasty you can always email me at [email protected].

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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