Can radiesse / radiance be used in the Jawline and lateral portion of the Jaw area?

Radiesse can work but you may need a bit more in this area. Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, the same constituent as your own bone.  This makes it really compatible with our bodies. For Mandibular augmentation, you will likely need a siginificant more amount of augmentation here than you would along the mouth lines.  Mandibular silicone implants are made up of approximately 10-15cc each side. So you will need quite alot of radiesse to show the same amount of change.  This is important to know before doing radiesse injections in this area.  If you just want to get a little taste of what this will look like then radiesse would be a good trial.  Silicone implants are one of the better ways of really augmenting the lateral jaw bone.

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