What are some suggestions on foods and rhinoplasty

This is a questions that I answered for someone asking about foods and rhinoplasty:

Keeping things cool and not spicy will only help.  This will cool the area and keep things from oozing.  Hot liquids and spicy foods will tend to dilate your blood vessels and lead to more bruising and swelling.  Keeping your head elevated will also be beneficial. Afrin nasal sprays or nasal constrictors can help too. Nasal irrigation will clean the nose as well. Icing immediately after the surgery and for 48 hours can keep things cool and less swollen.  Sometimes your doctor will think about steroids to keep swelling down as well and you can ask your physician about this.  I usually prescribe a medrol dose pack for excessive swelliing.  But back to foods, there is not a lot of scientific studies looking into the influence of foods on results of rhinoplasty (nose job / nose plastic surgery / nose cosmetic surgery / rhino plasty / rino plasty).  Most suggestions are based on common sense and the general sense of the surgeon.

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