Are Botox results permanent and can they be permanent?

Botox (dysport / botulinum toxin / wrinkle remover / bo tox / disport) results are temporary.  Botox binds on to the part of the nerve that releases neurotransmitter into the space that eventually blocks muscle contraction. Your nerves eventually regrow though and that determines how long botox lasts which is around 3-6 months.  The more botox you do the more that your muscles get weaker over time and hence the results of botox has the potential to last longer.  But they are never permanent.  There are ways to take away or clip specific nerves to get the same results  but longer.  Also there is a radiofrequency technique that targets specific nerves for longer results than botox.  The technique basically damages specific nerves so that they don’t lead to contraction of certain nerves that cause wrinkles.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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