Fillers, Botox or Lasers for the Under Lower Eyelid Area?

This was a question I answered for someone recently:

Restylane is a filler and can be used to fill in the lost volume that is really the cause of the majority of the reason why your lower eyelid looks the way it does. Fat injections, the YoungLift, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse are other fillers that can be filled into the lower eyelid area.  The temporary fillers last from 6 months (restylane) to a year or more (radiesse) with perlane and juvederm in between.  Fat injections can last much longer but this isn’t guaranteed but is the best shot for a long term correction.

Botox prevents the muscle around the eyes from squinting which can make the wrinkles less noticeable. Dysport (or botox / bo tox / botulinum / neurotoxin / disport) is a great option.  But these do nothing for the surface quality of the skin and neither does the filler. But the fillers can decrease the amount of wrinkles by filling up the volume.

This is where the co2 laser or other resurfacing procedure (erbium yag, active fx, ultrapulse, deep fx, max fx, total fx, traditional co2 laser resurfacing, laser peel) can help with by decreasing the wrinkles and actually tightening the skin.  A small amount of volumizing also occurs with lasers with their creating of a thin collagen layer deep to the skin.

I hope that helps some!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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