Can grafts in the upper lateral area cause nasal narrowing? Can manipulating the nose bring problems to myself after rhinoplasty? How do I know my nose is infected or not?

This is a question I answered for someone who had a Rhinoplasty and wondered about the above and whether their nose is infected or not?

The clear drainage is not likely indicative of an infection but the smells that is foul is an indication after Rhinoplasty (Or nose shaping / nose reshaping / nose plastic surgery / nose cosmetic surgery / nose job) .  As long as they didn’t use foreign material for the grafting, your chances are better that this is not an infection.  I would definitely have someone look at this to make sure it is not getting infected.  The upper lateral graft can cause impingement of your internal nasal airway if it wasn’t done in the right way.  Warping can happen to anybody and any surgeon though and this is a risk with ear, or rib grafts.  Septal cartilage is less likely.  There is a possibility of a foreign body as well that was or wasn’t meant to be in there such as suture material, guaze material etc.  In terms of bringing it on yourself, I wouldn’t suggest manipulating the nose in the way that you described unless directed by your doctor.  There are delicate sutures in there that manual pressure, depending on how forceful, can dislodge and create issues such as what you are describing.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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