Revising the earlobe due to a delay from a keloid in the area after an otoplasty procedure.

Setting back the earlobe is not a difficult thing to do during otoplasty (ear shaping, ear pinning, ear reshaping, ear plastic surgery, ear cosmetic surgery, earplasty). You can cut the cartilage that holds the earlobe out (called cauda helicis). You can also adjust the skin to pull back the earlobes the right amount.  This can be done really anytime unless there are some things that were done near the area that might require healing before the earlobe revision.  The length of time to wait can be from 3 months more or less.

The biggest confounding issue is the Keloid.  The keloids can come back over and over again.  Steroids and excisions are the most common way to remove keloids. Sometimes, local flaps and recruitment of extra tissue and skin can be needed to remove keloids.  You should be prepared to have more than one revision to take care of the keloid.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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