How much reduction can a bulbous tip actually receive and will it look much differently?

Reducing the Bulbous tip can be done but the results often depend on what the tip is made of during Rhinoplasty (nose job, rinoplasty, nose plastic surgery, nose cosmetic surgery, nose shaping, nose reshaping). If the bulbous tip is made up of thick skin this presents a dilemna.  A surgeon can defat the tip but this can increase irregularities to the skin and also can cause skin to possibly be devascularized and worst case scenario die partially.  If the tip is made up of cartilages mostly creating the bulbous tip, you can be more certain that the tip can be reduced significantly.  This is done through non destructive reversible suture techniques.  You can make a nose look quite a bit different. Because the nose is in the center of the face, the appearance of the face can be markedly altered.

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