What is a non surgical nose job and do the results last if I can’t afford a rhinoplasty.

Fillers can be an option for a non surgical Rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty, rinoplasty, nose plastic surgery, nose cosmetic surgery, nasal hump removal, non surgical rhinoplasty) and can be less expensive.  The results though are temporary.  It can be used to fill in volume to augment and make things bigger.  But fillers have a harder time to make things smaller especially the tip area.  A nose hump can be made to look smaller through filling above and below the hump.  Again the results are temporary.  Through my experience, I have noticed that rarely fillers can last for years.  The cause of this is through scar tissue surrounding the filler protecting it from getting dissolved by the body.  Most permanent changes are effected through some surgical type of procedure. Permanent fillers are an option but inferior to surgical means and can have significant complications.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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