What to do for an upturned pixie ear. And are all rhinoplasty surgeons created equally?

What is important is how pleased you are with your nose. A turned up nose can be turned down so to speak through Rhinoplasty(rinoplasty, nose job, nose augmentation, nose plastic surgery, nose cosmetic surgery).  When you go see a facial plastic surgeon, you should ask to see what your nose would look like by altering it on a computer with a special imaging program. The surgeon can get a better idea of how to achieve what you want.  Also rhinoplasty surgeons are not created equally.  There are surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty more than others.  One thing to realize is that its not how many the surgeon has done, its how many good rhinoplasties they’ve done.  The upturned nose may require lengthening or relative shortening to achieve the look you want.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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