Can corner of the lip lift correct an asymmetric appearing lip?

The corner of the lip lift is done on the skin portion next to the corner of the lips.  With this procedure their will be an incision that will be visible at the junction of the white and red portions of the lips.   It can elevate the corner of the lips to make the lips more symmetric. A lip lift under the nose is another way to make the lips more symmetric with a less visible scar as opposed to the corner lip lift.  Also, sometimes the asymmetry can be due to the decreased appearance of the red lip area.  To evert the red lip sometimes mucosal advancements are needed to show more of the red lip and volumizing procedures may be needed as well to create more symmetry.  All of these options are more permanent than the temporary fillers.

Sometimes the lips are asymmetric due to the connection of the lip to the surrounding bone.  More specifically it can be due to the way the lip is attached to the area around the nose and the bone in this area. When the attachment of the lip to the nasal bone area is asymmetric the lips can appear different on each side.  This condition may require attaching the lip and the muscles of the lip higher around the nasal bone area.  This is a more complex situation.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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