Heidi Montag’s recent 10 procedures in one day topic

Its big news that Heidi Montag had 10 procedures in one day.  In my opinion, that might be a little too much surgery in one day.  Although all of this information may be false. Who really knows but her and her doctor and the people in the room that day how many surgeries she really had.  I think based on looking at her pictures that she did appear to have had chin reduction, a rhinoplasty, possibly a browlift, and cheek enhancement.  Based on the pictures, I think she looks better before all of her procedures.  The chin reduction surgery has made her face actually look more square and more masculine. Although she mentions that she was teased as a child about her chin, I think the chin gave her lower face a pointier appearance which as an overall affect made her face appear more pear shaped.  Now that the chin is reduced, the face has lost the pear appearance and has been squared off like many male faces.  Her changes in her nose, possibly due to a rhinoplasty, has actually lengthed the appearance of the middle part of her face.  With that change, her face looks longer and less proportionate.  the distance between her eyes, nasal tip and lower lip should all be separated by equal distances and ideally 3 iris widths.  Her nose looks longer and I think her face has loss some beauty points. I think she might have also has her cheeks augmented.  This appears to have made her cheeks look wider.  I think that has also masculinized her face.  The cheek augmentation should have been more anteriorly closer to the eye and just outside (or lateral to) the eye.  The browlift, if it was done, is questionably needed at best.

When I see patients that request things that I don’t think needs to be done, I will tell them exactly what I think.  If I feel strongly enough, I refuse service to them.  If the procedure they are requesting is not consistent with my beliefs of what would enhance their aesthetics, it takes a lot of influencing for me to do what they request.  Although, I always have to balance my aesthetic beliefs with the desire of the patients.  Ultimately, what the patients wants is still very important.  But I have a long discussion with them if their desires are quite different then what I think will help them.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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