Laser Resurfacing with Active fx / Deep fx / Max fx to tighten the face for a non surgical face lift

As I mentioned in another blog, Active and Deep fx are techniques using technology to decrease the downtime from laser resurfacing while attempting to get better results. One thing that I mentioned in the last blog was that often times the more aggressive you are the more results you can get but also the more risk you take on.  Active Fx and Deep fx attempts to get  better results by having fractionated more superficial ablation and deeper fractionated ablation.  This technique treats the superficial elements like wrinkles, pigmentation and skin textures in a fractionated manner with the Active fx while trying to tighten the skin with the deep columns of ablation with the deep fx.  This can get subtle to moderate results.  If you want more significant results then max fx is an option to consider.  This is like active fx except the ablation is not longer fractionated and essentially is like more traditional resurfacing.  With max fx you are likely to get more tissue tightening.  Scientific research has shown that the amount of skin reduction that can be achieved with max fx is approximately 1cm squared in the cheeks and 0.5cm squared in the forehead and mouth area with less reduction around the eyes.  There is a limit to the amount of wrinkle reduction from laser resurfacing.  There is a point where the amount of water decreases the deeper you go.  This prevents the co2 laser from getting to deep.  This also prevents the co2 laser from creating scarring but also keeps the affects from working at the deeper wrinkles.  The options then include repeating the laser resurfacing in another year to further improve the results.  The other option which I like is the addition of dermasanding to the deeper wrinkles like around the eyes, between the eyes, around the mouth and parts of the cheeks.  I will talk more about dermasanding in another blog… Here is a live demonstration of my use of a co2 laser and laser resurfacing.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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