Reducing forehead wrinkles

The aging that occurs in the forehead entails a volume loss and it also entails some loosening of tissue and ligaments that hold structures in place.  As the eyebrow descends, we tend to elevate them to improve our vision and this can lead to wrinkling in the forehead area. This situation is coupled by our loss of volume (fat, collagen, bone loss).  This loss of volume places the vicinity of our skin closer to our muscles in our face.  Hence when we move our muscles in our face, like our forehead muscles, the muscles exert more action on our skin just by the fact that they are closer to the skin.   Through volume we can create a distance between the muscles and our skin and hence decrease the influence of the muscle on creating wrinkles. The question is then does the volume make us look weird.  The answer is simply “no”. When we were young, we had more volume all throughout our face.  If you take a look at pictures of yourself when you were young, you will notice a lot of loss of volume in your face.  Take a look at your temples, forehead, and your cheeks.  It will take a little time to adjust your thinking but you will see the difference. This loss of volume places your muscles closer to your skin. This is one of the main reason for forming wrinkles.  The amazing thing is that through volume, you can actually affect your skin change it for the better.  With the volume, the skin is allowed to remodel itself.  Your skin is in fact always turning over the cells and tissue within its structure.  With the decreased influence of the facial muscles on the skin, the cells within your skin begin to remodel and decrease the wrinkles that it has created all of those years.  This process of skin rejuvenation after volumizing can take many years and the change will be gradual.  This is a couple of reasons why the YoungVitalizer is my procedure of choice for facial rejuvenation.

In terms of the forehead, the volume can elevate your eyebrows to a state that you were a long time ago.  The volume again will also improve your wrinkles as well.  Volumizing is the most natural way to rejuvenate your forehead.  When I do forehead rejuvenation and rejuvenation of the upper eyes, I place the volume deep below the eyebrows, inferior to the eyebrow and within the upper eyelid, above the eyebrows and also in the temple and forehead areas.  This volume helps lift the eyebrows and can brighten the appearance of the eyes better than any other form of facial rejuvenation.

Browlifting is another way to do so.  You can elevate your brows and this can decrease your need to lift your eyebrows and ultimately your wrinkles can improve.  Also through browlifting some of your muscles can be altered to weaken them.  This is useful in the area in between your eyebrows and eyes.  Browlifting however can lead to less than a natural appearance.  Your eyebrows can be elevated to a point that is higher than they use to be. Also the removal of the muscles in between your eyes, although it will help decrease the movement there, the volume loss can make this area look worse.  If you want your eyebrows higher than they used to be, a browlift might be the better option.  But this is probably the only option that is better than volumizing in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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