The face is an oval with a number of shapes within that oval. The beauty of the face is determined by how those shapes are arranged.

What are those shapes? Well within that oval the anatomical major units are the eyes, nose and mouth.  These major units must be symmetrically arranged and the units must be arranged in an orderly manner.  How is this possible? Well what I thought was important was to find out what shapes are the most important within each of those major units.  Within the eye, the iris is what I concluded was the most important.  Within the nose, the nasal tip is the most important.  Within the lip, the lower lip is the most important and specifically the center of the lower lip.  These shapes; the iris, nasal tip, and center of the lower lip must be balanced among each other.  When there is balance between the iris, nasal tip and lower lip a very important element of beauty is reached.  What I found and was able to scientifically prove to a degree is that when the distance from the iris to the midline, distance from the horizontal level of the iris to nasal tip, the distance from the nasal tip to the lower lip, and the distance from the lower lip to the bottom of the chin is equal to each other a very basic level of beauty is found to be present within that particular face. When this not present the imbalance of these relations starts to create tension between the anatomical units of the face.  When the iris is closer to the nasal tip the major unit of the eye and nose starts to get crowded and this tension creates a sense of uneasiness to the viewer and hence less beauty is assessed from the viewer.  When they are more in balance more beauty is achieved. You can read more about this by reading my paper.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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