Other corner of the lip lifts are options to consider

There are other options for the corner of the lip lifts (Lip Augmentation, Dr Young Seattle).  The two major designs are shown below in the diagram that is included.  The original one is on the left and a modified one is on the right.  These lifts can elevate the corners of the mouth significantly but do not address the marionette lines and extra fold inferior to the corner of the lips.  In my experience, and in the hands of others, there can be a tendency with these more traditional corner of the lip lifts to elevate the corners too much.  That is why other’s have adopted excisions more like the ones drawn in my other blog and shown in the cartoon picture that I included as well.  All options can be used to improve the downturned mouth like many women and men wish to improve. Notice how the older lip lifts are bowl and heart shaped and the newer designs in the cartoon drawing are reversed bowl shaped which seem to avoid excessive elevation.  The other shapes in the cartoon are for direct excision of the nasolabial folds and an extension of the corner of the lip lift that includes the marionette folds, or puppet mouth line folds.

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Lip Lift Diagram

Frowning Mouth Drawing

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