Are you the right candidate for Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery and Dr Philip Young?

This is a great question. We have many people that come to us to have facial rejuvenation.  One thing that people might not know is that we are selective in the clients we choose to take on.  You have to be the right  candidate.  There are many people that I actually turn away from our office.  First, you have to possess the right anatomy for the procedures that you are interested in.  If someone were to come to me to have their eyes done and they look great to me. This person would not be a candidate for a procedure.

You have to have the right mind frame or mental status to be a good candidate for facial cosmetic surgery. Here is another example, I recently had a lady that was interested in fat grafting to her face.  She researched all across the country.  She  would write me all the time detailing to me where she would like the fat taken from and where to put it in.  She went into great detail in regards to this.  I would offer my advice but she seemed to know more about fat grafting than me according to her opinion.   I had a feeling that she might not trust what I said.  In addition to this, she didn’t get along with my staff and this was unusual.  With other additional pieces of information, I knew intuitively as well as objectively that she was not a good candidate.  We had to tell her that we couldn’t help her.

Another client had surgery in Korea, and she was fixated on the incision under her eyes that was used for a lower eyelid lift.  I carefully examined her and didn’t notice the particular issue to the degree that the client had emphasized.  She felt that her whole life was ruined because of this incision under her eye.  Now, if this incision was bad and left a significant scar, I would or might tend to see where this patient was coming from.  The scar for the lower eyelid lift was not significant at all.  In face, even her husband thought that it looked good and he suggested to her that she see a psychiatrist.  I couldn’t have agreed with someone more and I told the husband that I agreed with him too.  This patient also was seen as someone who couldn’t benefit from our services and we had to write her a letter telling her that we would not be able to offer any of our services to her.

We probably get at least one person a month like that.  Although, we would like to help everybody.  You have to be the right candidate, and we choose carefully.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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