What is the difference between an endoscopic browlift and traditional browlifts / forehead lifts?

An Endoscopic Browlift (Philip A Young MD, Seattle Washington) is a type of minimally invasive browlift that employs scopes to help with the dissection and lift.  The difference is that you have 5 smaller incisions with the endoscopic browlift as opposed to a very long incision all the way across your forehead from ear to ear in more traditional forehead lifts.  Very unique scopes are used with a camera and tv set up that allow the surgeon to look under your forehead.  This facilitates the visually approach to the area just under your eyebrow.  It helps the surgeon dissect this tricky area and avoid damaging nerves.  The benefits are that the incisions are smaller and recovery has been found to be slightly better.  Also, because you are not cutting through all layers of the skin from ear to ear, the sensation in the scalp can be preserved.  Some people feel that you don’t get as long of a lasting lift with the endoscopic browlift as you do with traditional browlifts.  This has prompted many surgeons to go back to the traditional browlift.  But if you only need a minimal to moderate amount of browlifting and would like to avoid really long incisions across your forehead the endoscopic browlift might be the best thing for you.  Nowadays,  endoscopes are not totally needed as many surgeons are adopting the “smart hand” technique where the surgeon is doing the dissection through feel and the knowledge of the anatomy.

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