How many syringes do people use for certain areas on average when it comes to fillers in the face?

There is no real standard for fillers (Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Young Bellevue) in certain areas but a general idea is out there.  One thing to realize is that everybody is different.  But in general, for example, in the lips I usually start out with one syringe of restylane or juvederm.  For the nasolabial folds, I usually use at least two syringes of either one.  For the cheeks you can 2-4 syringes.  For the under eye area along the inferior orbital rim, I use one on each side to improve the hollows. For the upper eyes and the hollowing there I use 1-2 total.  For the marionette lines under the lateral part of the lips I will use 1-2 syringes.  The syringes range from 500-700 per syringe on average.  There are some reductions the more you do for most offices. Instead of fillers, options that I think are great include fat injections, or the YoungVolumizer which I developed.  With these options you can globally volumize the face and given a general rejuvenation.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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