Cheek implants are another option for volumizing the cheek and middle part of the face

Cheek implants (Philip Young MD of Seattle / Bellevue WA) are another option for volumizing the cheek and middle part of the face.  Some plastic surgeons believe that volumizing the face is the most natural way to rejuvenate the face.  Fat injections are very popular and in the right hands can lead to great long term results.  One of the drawbacks with fat injections are the variable results with survival.  It is not reliably known how much fat can survive and this is also dependent on the particular person.  One option to volumize the face is the use of implants.  Silicone and medpor / porous polyethylene are great implants.  Medpor implants are great because they allow vascular in growth and after 12 weeks these implants are very resilient.  Some studies have shown that skin can grow over these implants after the 12 weeks of vascularization.  This is amazing to me.  That is one of the many reasons why I like Medpor / Porous Polyethylene implants.   Many people believe that cheek implants and other facial implants are good to replicate the hard bony contours of the face and that fat can soften the facial features.  People believe that volumizing the face should entail both facial implants and fat injections.  In this video, I demonstrate the use of an inferior orbital rim implant, cheek implant and paranasal implant.  The inferior orbital rim implant is good to improve the hollows of the lower eyelid area.  The cheek implant is good for recreating the volume in the cheeks or creating new volume that a person never had.  Cheek implants help improve nasolabial folds, pull up jowls and the middle part of the face.  Paranasal implants are good to improve the nasolabial folds, and volumize the sunken middle part of the face and make the middle part of the face standout more.  This implant is great for people who have binder’s syndrome, or sunken middle faces as well.

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