Does Rhinoplasty involve “Breaking” the Nose?

This was a question that I answered for someone that was worried about the common perception that when you get a rhinonplasty you have to “Break” the nose. This is how I answered rhinoplasty (Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgeyr and Dr Young is in Bellevue Washington) does not need “breaking” of the nose but a controlled shaping of the nose to be effective.  It is all in the way that you say things I would say.  Breaking the nose sounds very uncontrolled and unrefined.  Rhinoplasty couldn’t be further from this.  This procedure is the most intricate and detailed that a plastic surgeon can do.  The nasal bones often have to be shaped to take on the new form.  And breaking is not accurately used to depict what is going on during the procedure in my opinion.  The shaping of the nasal bones does require separating the nasal bones from the surrounding facial bones.  This is done with fine osteotomes that are sometimes as small as one millimeter.  This separation is done in an extremely controlled fashion and not like what is done when you break your nose in an accident that commonly can occur in many situations. This is a video on Rhinoplasty, scroll down to view.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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