I had my nose broken in college and now its crooked and I would like to straighten it. What is Rhinoplasty like?

Rhinoplasty is the best way straighten a crooked nose. This procedure entails making an incision at the bottom of the nose and then exposing all of the elements of the nose that is creating the outward appearance.  Then manipulating each of these structures will then change the shape of the nose. For the crooked nose, you must change the structures by releasing the forces that are holding the nose in a crooked fashion and essentially weaken these structures then strengthening them in a straight position.  The question of what is it like is variable among patients, their personalities, their tolerance for pain, their genetics that affect their healing / tendency to bleed / tendency to swell, etc.  Generally the first week is the most challenging, then its the first month.  You get most of your healing in the first month.  Generally what I tell people is that you will get 60% of your healing the first 6 weeks, 80% at the first 6 months, and at 2 years the healing will be 89% of what you used to be.  So most of the improvement is within the first month. Here is a video showing a rhinoplasty and an explanation of the tip part of the rhinoplasty.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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